B.R.C.M. College of Business Administration

Principal's Message

In the current decade the environment, world over, is changing at the faster rate than we have ever seen in the past. To be more precise, for example, economy, culture, technology, business, customer preferences, regulations, etc. have become so dynamic that we find it difficult to cope up with them. The doctrine of management earlier confined to the functional areas of Production, Finance, Marketing and Human Resource has outstretched its boundaries to cover Management of Technology, Information and Services with the full use of electronics and computing.

Professional education too has become more of learning rather than teaching. Role of a teacher is becoming more of a guide, supporter and an educator. Competition has entered into every sphere of life and for success; no alternative is left apart from sincere and dedicated hard work in the right direction.

We at BRCM are equipped to accept the challenges of time and assure to mould our students to win over and out perform in every aspects of development to become a good learner, a good manager, a good citizen, a good educator, and finally a good human being.

I wish to acknowledge the positive role played by the following for the fulfillment of endeavor of our above mission.

Sarvajanik Education Society, our management for their continuous support, guidance and encouragement.

Ballaram Hanumandas Charitable Trust, our donors trust for their readiness to support our activities.

Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, for their support in upgrading the Education and in our academic endeavors.

Our teaching and administrative staff members along with visiting teachers who have given their heart and soul for development of students.

Business, Industrial and professional organizations who have always come forward to help students by providing practical training and opportunity to experience the actual business/professional life situations.

Students and Parents who have positively accepted and supported our policies and activities.

We at the BRCM provide a learning environment with a team of talented experienced and dedicated faculty members.

BRCM is just 19 years old institute- which is young in comparison of the perpetual life of our institute. In such a small spam we have added many feathers to our achievements, but still a long way to go by bench rally the best of others and the best of ours.

We strongly believe

“parents are the first teacher


Teachers are the second parents”