Courses Structure


B.R.C.M. College of Business Administration
    YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3    
    Foundation Exploration Ideation Synthesis    
    Socially Progressive Critically Evolved Functionally Competent  Managerially Skilled Intellectually Competent Professionally Competent    
  GROUP SEM 1 Credits SEM 2 Credits SEM 3 Credits SEM 4 Credits SEM 5 Credits SEM 6 Credits Credits %
Professional Core Courses Foundation Core Elements of Economics 4 Managerial Economics 4 Statistics for Business Decision 4 Mathematics for Business Decisions 2         94 62.67%
Financial Accounting 4 Business Environment 4     Data Analytics for Business Decisions 2        
Management Core Principles of Management 4 Management Accounting 4 Marketing Management 4 Financial Management 4 Service Management 4 Elements of Strategic Management 4
    Human Resource Management 4 Organisational Behaviour 4 Production & Operations Management 4 IT and GST 4 Financial Services in India 4
            E-Com & Digital Marketing 4 Research Methodology 4 Project 6
Humanities Liberal Studies & Life Skills Managerial Skills: -Business etiquettes -Solving problem critically and creatively -Gaining power and influence -Critical Thinking -Empowering and engaging others -Positive Change Management 2 IT Skills:
- Introduction to IT Tools, Hardwares, Operating System and Softwares.
- Word processor (Office), Document creation and detailed formatting of the documents.
2 Financial Literacy:  - Indian Financial System - Introduction to Banking - Time Value of Money - Investment Management 2 Soft Skills : -Time Management -Presentation skills -Telephonic communication -Communication skills (Reading, writing, speaking and listening) 2 Life and Self Management Skills:  -Self-awareness (self-analysis) -Assertiveness -Learning skills -Emotional Intelligence -Resilience Building -Stress Management 2 Career Management for Life: -Career Life Cycle -Career Exploration and Job Search -Interview, offer and negotiation -career strategies -career skills and Professionalism 2
Managerial Electives General Business Electives Entrepreneurship Development 4 Management of  Small and Micro Entreprize (MSME) 4 Family Business 4 Innovation and Start-up 4         16 10.67%
Business Legends Ethics and CSR Corporate Governance and Sustainability Behavioural finance    
Spreadsheet for Managers Management Information System Technology Management Retail Management    
Forms of Business Organisation and Secretarial Practice Event and Hospitality Management Legal Aspect of Business Human Resource Development     
Professional Electives                 Brand Management 4 International Marketing 4 8 5.33%
        Portfolio Management and Financial Derivative International Financial Management
        Contemporary Issues in HRM Advance Human Resource Management
                Advance Marketing Management 1 4 Advance Markeitng Management 2 4 8 5.33%
        Advance Financial Management 1 Strategic Financial Management
        Employee Relations Developing Organisation
Electives Transdisciplinary Open Electives Accounting for Everyone 2 Creative Writing 2 Financial Literacy 2 Information System 2 Franchising 2 Business Research 2 12 8.00%
Gender Sensitisation Professsionalism and work ethics Digital Transformation of SBM Rural Marketing GST Indian Constitution
Behaviour Management Social Media Marketing Team Management and Negotiation Intellectual Property Rights Taxation Indian ethos and values
Prevention of sexual harrasment Effective Technical Communication Business Ethics & Sustainability Public Relation Strategic Product Management Competitive Strategy
Creative Reading Operations Management in Restaurants Event Management Hospitality and Tourism Green Marketing CRM
Principles of Primary Health Care Fundamentals of NGO Rural Finance Retirement Planning Green Finance Foundation of Public Administration
Personality Development Contributor Personality Development Micro Finance Estate Management and Wealth Transfer Academic Writing Improving Emotional Intelligence
Web Content writing Innovation in Advertising Marketing for NPO Sustainability Education Mastering Interview Salesforce Management
Business Etiquette Innovation & Entrepreneurship Nurturing Leaders Consumer Behaviour Management of Mutual Funds Stress Management and Resilience Building
Small Business Management Registration of New Business Export-Import Procedures Export-Import Documentation Introduction to Data Analytics Retailing
PAEC Professional Ability & Skill Enhancement Courses (PASEC) Business Communication 4     Environmental Science 4     Summer Internship 4     12 8.00%
Credits / Contact Hours     24   24   24   24   28   26 150 100.00%
No. of Subjects   7   7   7   8   7 + Project   6 + Project   42 + Projects